Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thirty What!!!????

okay - seriously???!!! I'm thirty what? Today I was driving with all my kids sans husband and I just started cracking up. I had adjusted the rear view mirror to put on some makeup and I could see myself and 3 of my children in the back seat and Julia was in the front. So I could see myself and ALL my babies. Do I really have 4? That is crazy! I remember being 9 like Claudia and 6 like Julia - where did the time go???? And who is this woman starring back at me????

Monday, June 25, 2007


A couple days ago we were all just sitting around watching t.v....except for Julia. She was watching Claudia, or I should say starring at Claudia. After a few minutes of feeling self conscious, Claudia turned to Julia and asked her why she was starring. Julia looked up at her sister with such admiration and said...

"You're just so beautiful! I can't take my eyes off you!"

And with that, Julia ran upstairs. A few minutes later, it was just too quiet so
I went to see what mischief was afoot... and this is what I found!

This is her "BEFORE"

And this is her "AFTER"

I guess she thought makeup would transform her into her sister, Claudia! It's funny because Claudia could care less about makeup and what she looks like! I'm seeing a big battle in about 6 years with this girl! However, being a fair-skinned red head, I do sympathize. She lucked out there!