Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Fonseca's Halloween Party

Chaz Lesley
Tami Marsh and Shelley Lesley
Kristin and Del Claridge
Jill Smith, Nicole & Michael AlfonoSusie Fonseca

Chaz, Ryan, Ken Adams, Michael Alfono
Michael Fonseca and Joe Morris

The Trunk or Treat

The other day I was changing Bear's diaper and Georgia reached for the parts on him that she doesn't have, so we had a brief, generic chat about private parts, where they are, who has what, and how we don't touch "privates". Later that night in the bath tub, Georgia told Claudia and Julia that she has "PIRATES" and we don't touch "PIRATES". The next day we were at Walmart looking at the costumes and Georgia informed me that she wanted to be a PIRATE for Halloween. Hmmm.... So we settled on a cheerleader instead! I'm still a little curious as to what she wanted to dress up as!

The "Humpkin" Patch

Georgia told me we had to go to the Pumpkin Patch to get our Humpkins! So here we are!

Sawing Pumpkins

This is how it's getting done from now on! Why didn't I think of this sooner?No, I didn't take the picture while she was talking. She made this face on purpose!But, while this is the most scary picture of all, it's just Georgia being Georgia!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Reason for the Freezin'

Grandma Marge turned 80! (and it felt like it was 80 below! We even had to buy warmer jackets while we were there!) I can't believe she's that old because she still has just as much fight in her as when I met her 12 years ago. Erin made a beautiful slide show tribute to Grandma's life and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room... I mean, I seriously had to fight back the ugly cry. Thanks alot Erin! What a fabulous lady and a fabulous life she's had... and is still having. I just hope I have as many people care about me when I'm 80 as she does. It was so great to visit with everyone and actually see all their beautiful babies in person instead of just on the blogs! All the great-grandchildren had so much fun together. I hope we can get together more often because I really enjoy all of you so much!

Grandma used to bounce Claudia on her leg and sing "To market, to market" when she was a baby. I think Claudia could almost bounce grandma now!

This is what happens when I break out the camera!

"I'm a birdie!"

Yes Georgia, your adorable, gigantic head is still there!

While this looks like a temper tantrum, it is really just another one of Georgia's great poses!

And this is what happens when Claudia gets a hold of my camera!

Grandma Liz, Georgia and Heather and Davids little girl, Abby.Georgia and Jill's little girl, Brooke.Claudia and Julia were sooo excited to see Joseph! Check out the awkwardness of Claudia's hands!... and face for that matter!I guess they could technically get married! Joseph is Michelle's son so they aren't related by blood!But these two are. So no wedding here! Ewe!

I made Ryan take the camera for a few minutes to take some shots of me so my kids will remember what I looked like when I was young... ish!!!

Grandma Marge and most of her great grandchildren. After Georgia fell off the chair onto her face I had to hide behind the chair so she wouldn't cry anymore.Did I mention I've been to the E.R. twice this month for her! She's split her head open and had to get a staple and she jumped off my bed and landed on her lip splitting that as well!Erin and Liz invited me to Gardner's Village for "Witches Night Out". Can I just say that hundreds of women dressing up like witches to wander through boutiques, in Utah nonetheless, is the most random thing ever! But it was so much fun! I'm totally going to take Claudia next time! It cracked me up!

And finally the morning we left we woke up and looked outside and it had snowed. I had just enough battery left in my camera to snap this picture!